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Why do you need a WeChat overseas official account?

WeChat is now China biggest multi-purpose social media platform. With 1 billion active users monthly, WeChat is THE platform used by Chinese customers to follow and interact with their favourite brands. It’s vital for businesses who want to engage with their Chinese consumers to have an official WeChat account.

You might get confused when searching on google and getting all different suggestions on what account type to open: Domestic third-party service account, overseas account, or domestic subscription account etc. 

If you don’t have a business license in China, Crayfish.io would recommend that you open an overseas official account. The key difference between the domestic third-party account and the overseas WeChat account is that the foreign company will own the account if they open an overseas account. This will help protect your brand and avoid future conflict if you want to close the third party account.

Moreover, the overseas official account can be seen by users in China now. The abilities of this account are almost the same as the abilities of a domestic China Service Account, although some non-essential functions are not activated.

*Currently, you could only open a service account with the overseas account.

What’s included in the package?

  1. Registration using your own business license

  2. Chinese profile (Up to 100 words)

  3. Chinese name of the account

What’s required from the company?

 1. Scan copy of the registered incorporate certificate

 2. Company registered address

 3. Company office address 

 4. Company bank account details (Bank name, Bank account name, Bank account number for the international transaction) - The bank account name must match the company name.

5. Name of the account showing on WeChat (Chinese name is included in the package)

6. Scan copy of business card of the Director

7. Company official website

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